California Personal Injury Lawyer

Sustaining a personal injury can have a serious physical, financial and emotional impact on your life.

If someone is responsible for your personal injury, by your rights, you’re entitled to compensation due to damage caused by that injury. That is why it is important to file a personal injury claim with the right law firm, and to collect the settlement that you deserve.

It is necessary to understand the legal procedure associated with this sometimes lengthy and complex process. Personal injury cases are not something that you will want to take on alone, hence the need to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer to claim the most compensation possibly from the guilty party. Over the years our attorneys have been able to gather quality experience, and mater the intricacies of the collection process. We are a strong, and battle tested firm ready to take on lawyers and insurance firms on your behalf, who are striving to pay you the least possible settlement

We understandable why some people’s first call is not to a qualified personal injury attorney after an accident. There is the fear that it is very expensive to hire a good attorney. While this might be true generally, it’s quite different when you choose to work with us. Our contingency based policy insures that we only get paid when we secure your compensation. With us, there are no upfront charges!

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What you should do after suffering a personal injury

The expertise of our personal injury lawyers assures you that the legal processes concerning your claim will be thoroughly covered and overseen with your best interests in mind. However, you have a part to play immediately after injury is sustained, these are –

Contact Your Medical Service

The most logical decision to take after an accident is to seek medical treatment. When an injury is sustained and not immediately attended to, it raises the risk of having it worsen and hence extending time of recovery. Reporting an accident to a qualified medical professional ensures that diagnosis and treatment of the injury is initiated immediately. Also, the legal team of the accused individual – one allegedly responsible – or the insurance company are on the lookout for satisfiable reasons to argue that the accident was not the cause of your injury. If your injury is not immediately reported, this could be a tool in their hands.

Take pictures of the scene

Pictures of the injury scene are usually strong tools that help in the security of your compensation. It’s important to do this immediately after accident occurs because it shows the exact way the scene looked, at the time of accident. The accident scene could be altered afterwards and that would unfortunately mean that you have missed your chance. Take a picture of anything and everything that you think bears any sort of relevance to your accident, including property damage. Taking photographs of visible injuries is a very effective way of establishing a direct link between the accident and your personal injury.


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Speak with witness’s of the accident

Another important move that could help your cause is establishing contacts with witnesses – if there were any – at the scene. It would be beneficial to keep a record of what they actually saw when the accident occurred. Your smartphone could be very helpful on this one: making videos of the incident and getting contact information from the onlookers. It’s advisable to do this immediately after an accident happens because aside from giving your personal injury lawyer good evidence to hold onto in the course of claiming your compensation, it enables your attorney to get in contact with the witnesses for more clarification and questioning. Also, remember that it could be somewhat challenging to get in contact with these onlookers after they leave the scene. If you are successful in meeting the witness’s again, it might prove a bit difficult for them to paint a vivid image of what actually transpired the day of the accident.

File an Insurance Claim

The tricky thing with insurance companies is that they present themselves as though they really care about your best interests. Sadly, it is almost always the opposite. In the light of this knowledge, it’s best to limit the answers you give them to basic facts. For example, reporting to them that you were involved in an accident, were injured and are in need of medical attention would suffice. Usually, they will try to confirm the severity of your injury and how much pain you are in as a result of it. These questions are traps, intended to be used against you. These questions should not be answered because in the course of answering you might unknowingly play down the severity of your injury and possibly accept fault for it. The chances of getting compensated is hugely hampered when you play into their system. Also, note that accidents that are covered by insurance have a deadline for the filing of claims. This is a big reason to contact our personal injury lawyers immediately after an injury happens so that the process can started immediately and have an expert guide you through the process.


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How we can help you

Until now, most accident victims are still very much unaware of the benefits pegged to working with personal injury lawyers when trying to collect compensation for their injuries. We will do everything in our power, and strategically plan to get you the biggest payout allowed in every case that we take on. this is how we proceed –

Conducting thorough Investigation

Cases are of course not built from absolute nothingness. The first step we take in setting up your case is too ensure that a detailed investigation of your accident is carried out. This gives us the right ammo to paint a clear picture to the insurance companies that your injury was in fact caused by someone else. The following actions would be taken in an effort to conduct a detailed investigation  –

  1. Obtain a copy of accident report/police report.
  2. Listening and recording your personal account of the incident.
  3. Making contact with your witnesses/ and reviewing the recordings you took on the scene of the accident.
  4. Assessment of the individual who caused your injury to ascertain if he/she violated any state laws.
  5. Collation of all medical documentation that cover the treatments of your injury. Taking pictures of your injury to show the severity.
  6. Gaining a clear understanding of how your accident occurred by closely working with accident reconstruction specialists.

Taking pictures of the scene to better describe what happened. A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

Determining the actual value of your claim

Due to our experience, we’ve become very familiar with the damages personal injuries can inflict on the life of its victim. This aids us in determining how much of a toll the injury has taken on your life and the appropriate amount of claims to put forward. However, on this course we may need to work very closely with you to be able to obtain some critical details which could greatly help us as we proceed with your case. We may ask for all of your medical bills to be certain the appropriate amount to claim. You may also be tasked with keeping an updated journal about how your day to day life has being affected emotionally and physically by your injury. This is very effective and crucial evidence to be used when arguing your case in court or on the settlements negotiation table.

Taking Charge of all Settlement Negotiations

Unfortunately, the common knowledge that has eluded a lot of people is that for quite a good number of times, personal injury cases have been settled in various ways other than the perceived conventional way of doing it in a courtroom. Personal injury cases could be resolved through an insurance settlement or out-of-court settlements between the involved parties.

One thing is certain, that the opposing legal team does not have your best interests in mind. They are hired to compensate you as little as possible, and believe us these attorney’s are experts in this field. But, as a result of our profound experience and knowledge in tackling personal injury cases, we can assure you that we are ready for their attempts to offer you a low settlement estimated, below the full value of your claim or to outright refuse your claims.

You can sit back and relax knowing we are working on your case daily and will always be there when you have questions. We know when to counter an offer and when to reject it outright. Also, we’re ready to seek justice in court by challenging the opposing party for unfair offers.


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What are the available Compensations?

In some extreme cases, one might never be able to return back to full health after he/she is faced with a personal injury. This deserves great attention because these injuries are not just limited to physical impairments, one might be damaged emotionally and financially as a result of the accident. For this reason, the law makes room for the recovery of various forms of compensation, they include –

Medical Bills

This is one that’s never going to miss out from the list of compensation as long as our main focus is on injuries. It is a compensation secured for all past, present and future medical expenses in relation to your injury. They cover the following needs –

  1. Home modifications due to injury.
  2. Surgeries
  3. Any medical treatments received at the scene of occurrence.
  4. Emergency transportation of the victim to the hospital be it in an ambulance or helicopter.
  5. Medical imaging like x-rays.
  6. Physical therapy.
  7. Laboratory testing like blood tests, etc.
  8. Psychological therapy for existing trauma caused by the accident.
  9. Equipment to aid your movements such as wheelchair.

Lost Wages

Rest assured that we are committed to seeking compensation for all wage losses resulting from your injury. Often times you are unable to hit maximum productivity for a long time after your accident occurred or it might be that the medical professional in charge of your treatment outright prohibits you from working until you are fully recovered from your injury. Also, in situations where the sustained injury is a permanent disability; for example, amputation of the limb, you may be duly compensated especially for the way the injury effects your earning capacity going forward. Severe traumatic brain injury is one of such injuries that can set you up for this compensation.

Pain and Suffering

This compensation supplements for the physical and emotional distress you have had to live through as a result of your injury. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, are just a few emotional setbacks that you might have to deal with when injured. Usually, quantifying these damages could prove to be very difficult because it varies from case to case. Compensation obtained for pain and suffering is usually hinged on the strength of the proof of their physical or emotional pain resulting from the injury. The stronger your evidence; the likelier the chance of being compensated. For this reason, we work very closely with you to show concrete evidence which would inadvertently better your chances of landing your claims. We may need a daily journal from you that sheds more light on your emotional and physical troubles due to your injury and how you are coping with them. This enables us to paint a clear picture, and go after the full value of your pain.

Loss of Companionship

Some relationships are strained as a result of an accident. In one case you might find that your sexual performance is no longer up to par when compared with your performance prior to the sustenance of your injury. There might also be a case where you are no longer able to carry out chores around the house effectively. Childcare could be greatly affected as a result of your injury. One thing is common to all of these, it births unfavorable aura in your home and with your partner. While getting compensation for your injury might not immediately fix all these issues, it can make you more comfortable as you try to recover from your emotional, physical and financial breakdown that occurred as a result of your injury. We are very committed to helping you determine the value of your damages, and also securing these claims.


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How long do you have to contact us?

One of the unique things with life is that everyone is able to take a decision and act on it even without considering the repercussions. However, it is overly advised to get in contact with us very quickly after the occurrence of the accident that led to your injury. This provides us with ample time to start pursuing your compensation. Another important point to keep in mind when pondering over when to contact an attorney is that, there’s always a time limit for filing of claims. It’s necessary to begin the process on time because once the stipulated time elapses, you lose with it the ability to pursue a case.

The statute of limitations concerning personal injury cases gives up to 2 years from the day injury was sustained to pursue a case. It is believed that there’s no case if two years elapses without any legal movements.

A lot of accident victims will rely so much on these insurance claims to get back to a normal life, but do not take into account one of the most important parts, the statute of limitations. You should know that insurance claims are not always successful and it takes months to get done. For this reason you have a very limited time period available to pursue a case. If it happens that we are unable to secure your insurance claims, the next viable action would be to file a lawsuit. If you waste so much time in initiating your insurance claim, it could leave us with little or no time to file a lawsuit. This is why it is very important for you to contact us on time because doing so would provide us with ample time to take on your case before the expiration of the limitations statute.

Proving your personal injury case

For us to have a chance at getting you compensation, there are certain elements that must be satisfactorily proven. This is usually the case with personal injury cases, and these elements are –

Duty of Care

We must satisfactorily prove that the one responsible for your accident had a legal responsibility to behave in a more befitting manner to prevent you from getting injured. A quick example can be drawn from the obligatory responsibility to respect traffic laws which we made to curb the chances of crashing.

Breach of Duty of Care

This stands at the core of the whole claim. We must be able to prove that the person responsible for your injury had breached their duty of care. Reckless driving could be seen as a common example of a breach of duty of care.


This is simply the establishment of a connection between your injuries and the breach of duty of care of the one that is responsible for your injury. This link must be established to prove that the injury would not have been sustained if the at-fault party acted in a more cautious and responsible manner.


It is our duty to prove that you have been exposed to financial, physical and emotional strains as a result of your injury.

Our experience lets us understand that until these four elements can be satisfactorily proven, there is no case. We will advise you to pursue these claims if they can be proven, and to abort when doubts arise concerning the proof of these elements.


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What is Contributory Negligence

In some situations, the injured person is partially responsible for their accident. Take for instance, a car crashes into yours mainly because you decided to break traffic laws. This is when the contributory negligence comes into play. It looks to achieve a balance that clearly states that there are instances where a victim could be the cause of their own injuries. It clearly states that you are not entitled to any compensation if your percentage of fault is greater than the other party involved in the accident. In instances where your percentage of fault is lower than the other party’s own, your total compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault. For instance, if your total compensation award is $100,000 and your percentage of fault is estimated to be 30%, this means that you’re only entitled to $70,000.

Insurance companies also look to apply this statute, even though it is more peculiar to personal injury cases. With your best interests in mind, we assure you that we will fight to ensure that this law is applied fairly and that so much is not taken away from your compensation due to stacked percentage of fault against you by the opposing legal team.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

There are many various injury cases that occur due to different causes. Our team of experienced attorneys have the required knowledge to tackle each and every single one of them. These injuries include –

  1. Burn injuries
  2. Car accidents
  3. Traumatic brain injuries
  4. Dog bites
  5. Construction accidents
  6. Motorcycle accidents
  7. Medical malpractice
  8. Slip and fall accidents
  9. Truck collisions
  10. Spinal cord injuries
  11. Nursing home abuse and defect
  12. Defective products
  13. Wrongful death
  14. Worker’s compensation

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